HSC Result Marksheet 2017

HSC Result Marksheet 2017 Subject Wise Number All Boards Bangladesh

The HSC Examine of 2017 under all education board can get their HSC Result Marksheet 2017 by the letter grade and also number based mark sheet. Both marksheet will be available from the day of result publication date. From SSC Result 2017, the education board is providing the number based marksheet for all public exam. So, as an HSC Examinee 2017, you can get your HSC Result marksheet 2017 with the total score you have got.

HSC Result Marksheet 2017

Now it is a question that How to Download HSC Result Marksheet 2017 with Number Sheet. Here we are describing this issue. If this problem is yours also, you can read more details from the below.

How to Download HSC Result Marksheet 2017 with Number Sheet?

You can download the general mark sheet for your HSC Result 2017 easily from Education Board Results website. But the number based HSC mark sheet isn’t available on that portal. To get the number wise HSC Result Marksheet 2017, you have to visit Web Based Result Publication System portal (EboardResults.com).

When the result is published, the examinee will be eligible to see their letter grade only. After a while, the authority will add the number wise mark sheet on the server. So, you can get your number wise HSC Result Marksheet 2017 from EboardResults.com.

HSC Exam Result 2017 Grading System

Letter Grade Marks Grade Point
A+ 80–100 5
A 70–79 4
A- 60-69 3.5
B 50-59 3
C 40-49 2
D 33-39 1
F 0-32 0

Web Based Result Publication System (EboardResults.com)

EBoardResults.com is the update result check portal of Education Board Bangladesh. It provides extra benefits to all examinee.

Here, students can check their result quickly by entering their HSC Roll Number, Registration Number (optional) and Board Name. It will provide full mark sheet and number wise mark sheet also. So, we hope it will be more significant to the HSC Examinee.

Now we will describe details about how to check HSC Result 2017 Bangladesh in online from this site.

The HSC Examine or their guardian who want to check their result fast, they need to visit the E-board Results official website. After visiting the site, you need to click on Individual Result Button. Then, follow the step by step guideline.

  • Step-1: Visit the official website link of EBoard Results
  • Step-2: Click Individual/Institution Result Button
  • Step-3: Select Examination as HSC/Alim/Equivalent
  • Step-4: Select Passing Year as 2017
  • Step-5: Select Your Education Board Name
  • Step-6: Select Result Type (Individual for Students, Institution for Teacher)
  • Step-7: By Selecting Individual, Enter Your HSC Roll Number & Registration Number (optional)
  • Step-8: Enter Security Key
  • Step-9: Click “Get Result”

The Finishing Line of HSC Result Marksheet 2017

The last part of this content is the summary about HSC Result Marksheet 2017. If you need more information about HSC Result Marksheet 2017, you can contact us anytime. If you still face problem to get your HSC Result Marksheet 2017, please comment below this post. We are here to assist you.

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