Bandarban District Sehri & Iftar Time: Bandarban District is the Great city of Bangladesh; Bandarban has the largest population of Bangladesh. So most people search Sehri and Iftar in Bandarban district. The holy month of Ramadan is the month of fasting. The month of seeking Allah alone and the month of forgiveness of all sins. Every believing servant eagerly waits to receive this blessing and mercy.

Today 11 July, Thursday iftar is 06:46 PM in Bandarban

Ramadan is the most desired and holy month of Muslims all over the world. Muslims fast during this holy month to gain the pleasure of Allah. Fasting is one of the five obligatory acts of worship for Muslims. Looking back on the year, the month of Ramadan has come to us, every Muslim observes the Seher and Iftar schedule and fasts. This largest population observes the month of Ramadan every year. If you are a resident of Bandarban district then you must check Sehri and Iftar schedule 2024 of Bandarban district through this post today.

আজকের সেহরির শেষ সময়: 03:40 AM

আজকের ইফতারের সময়: 06:46 PM

Bandarban District Sehri & Iftar Timing

The month of Ramadan has arrived this year so all Muslim individuals who will be fasting this year must need a Sehri and Iftar schedule calendar. The calendar which has been published by the Islamic Foundation of the Government of Bangladesh. Download the sehri and iftar schedule calendar as per your requirement.

Every year the Islamic Foundation sets the timings of Sehri and Iftar for every fast. This time too, the foundation has published the Iftar and Sehri schedule for 30 days. The last time of Sehri is cautiously set three minutes before Subhe Sadiq. And the time of Fajr prayer will start three minutes after Sadiq in the morning. That is, after the warning last time of Sehri, Azan should be given 3 minutes later. Islami Foundation Sehri and Iftar schedule has been released based on Bandarban district. The schedule of other districts will be earlier or later.

Iftar Time Today Bandarban

The date of Ramadan in Bandarban is 11 July, Thursday (Ramadan 1444), with sunset and dawn falling on the same day. Here you can find the Iftar and Sehri times in Bandarban. The Iftar time in Bandarban for today, 11 July, Thursday, is 06:46 PM. (fasting).

Sehri Time Today Bandarban

One has to take Sehri at a fixed time and complete the fast with Iftar. The Sehri Time in Bandarban is 03:40 AM on 11 July, Thursday.

Bandarban Ramadan Time Table 2024

The schedule for Bandarban’s Sehri ending time and Iftar beginning time during the holy month of Ramadan in 2024 is provided below. In Bandarban, you can fast by adhering to the Iftar and Sehri times. The Ramadan Time Table for Fiqa Hanafi is provided below. The Ramadan schedule for Bandarban has been confirmed by credible sources. It is advised, though, to confirm this Bandarban Ramadan schedule with the closest mosque.

Ramadan Calendar Bandarban 2024 (Sehri & Iftar Time)

Ramadan Date Day Sahri Iftar
রহমতের ১০ দিন
1 12 Mar Tue 04:44 AM 06:03 PM
2 13 Mar Wed 04:43 AM 06:03 PM
3 14 Mar Thu 04:42 AM 06:04 PM
4 15 Mar Fri 04:41 AM 06:04 PM
5 16 Mar Sat 04:40 AM 06:04 PM
6 17 Mar Sun 04:39 AM 06:05 PM
7 18 Mar Mon 04:38 AM 06:05 PM
8 19 Mar Tue 04:37 AM 06:05 PM
9 20 Mar Wed 04:36 AM 06:06 PM
10 21 Mar Thu 04:35 AM 06:06 PM
মাগফিরাতের ১০ দিন
11 22 Mar Fri 04:34 AM 06:06 PM
12 23 Mar Sat 04:33 AM 06:07 PM
13 24 Mar Sun 04:32 AM 06:07 PM
14 25 Mar Mon 04:30 AM 06:08 PM
15 26 Mar Tue 04:29 AM 06:08 PM
16 27 Mar Wed 04:28 AM 06:08 PM
17 28 Mar Thu 04:27 AM 06:09 PM
18 29 Mar Fri 04:25 AM 06:09 PM
19 30 Mar Sat 04:24 AM 06:09 PM
20 31 Mar Sun 04:23 AM 06:10 PM
নাজাতের ১০ দিন
21 01 Apr Mon 04:22 AM 06:10 PM
22 02 Apr Tue 04:21 AM 06:11 PM
23 03 Apr Wed 04:20 AM 06:11 PM
24 04 Apr Thu 04:19 AM 06:12 PM
25 05 Apr Fri 04:18 AM 06:12 PM
26 06 Apr Sat 04:17 AM 06:13 PM
27 07 Apr Sun 04:16 AM 06:13 PM
28 08 Apr Mon 04:15 AM 06:14 PM
29 09 Apr Tue 04:14 AM 06:14 PM
30 10 Apr Wed 04:13 AM 06:15 PM

About Bandarban Ramadan Calendar 2024

The Fiqa Jafria Sehr and Iftar Time in Bandarban varies by a few minutes, and it is as follows. Iftar is at 06:14 and Shia Sehri is at 04:51. There are various incarnations of this name. In Arabic, it is known as Ramadan, but other pronunciations, such as Ramzan, Ramazan, Ramadhan, and Ramathan, are also widely used in various regions of the world. Iftar time in Bandarban varies annually, and the Islamic calendar is typically ten to twelve days shorter than the Georgian calendar. This explains why so many people use the Ramadan calendar 2024 Bandarban to find out the Bandarban Sehri and Roza times.

The vibrant capital city of Bangladesh, Bandarban, is the home of a centuries-old, rich Muslim culture. The city, which has a large Muslim population, is celebrated for both its abundance of mosques and its vibrant religious practices. Throughout the holy month of Ramadan, Bandarban comes alive with a devotional and celebratory spirit that is genuinely exclusive to this city.

The Ramadan 2024 Bandarban is a crucial resource for the city’s Muslim population. It also signifies the beginning and end of Ramadan and the times of Bandarban’s Iftar and Sehri prayers each day. Every year, Muslims look forward to the Ramadan 2024 Bandarban because it provides them with guidance on how to plan their daily schedules and make the most of their worship during this holy month.

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Ramadan is observed in Bandarban with great religious fervor and a strong sense of community. The city is transformed in a spectacular way, with colorful decorations adorning mosques and streets and busy markets selling special Ramadan treats. The holy month of Ramadan is intricately woven into Muslim culture in Bandarban, with the Ramadan 2024 Bandarban being a major factor in arranging daily schedules. Bandarban’s Iftar and Sehri times are significant periods of the day when the city comes alive with activity. Famous mosques in Bandarban are hubs of community and worship both during Ramadan and all year round, and they play a significant role in the city’s Muslim culture.