How to create a symlink in Windows

In Unix-like operating os like Linux-based distros (ie: ubuntu) or macOS have ln command to create a symlink. But, windows can’t use the same command to create a hard link. But, Windows has a way to create a symlink or hard link for a file or directory.

To create a hard link or symlink you will open the Windows Powershell as Administrator privilege. Then you need to run the following command:

New-Item -ItemType SymbolicLink -Path C:\Users\AminulBD\LinkPath -Target C:\Users\AminulBD\TargetPath

I hope this will save your time and improve your workflow. You can let me your opinion in the comments.

Plugins For WordPress Developers

I’m creating WordPress and plugins for my clients, company and selling on to the ThemeForest and CodeCanyon marketplace.  WordPress development is fun even you have basic knowledge of PHP. But, for the professional project, you need to handle your project with a better way for performance, compatibility, and security.

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Enable debug menu for macOS App Store

Sometimes need to debug the App Store need to debug because of downloading issue or get the direct download link of an application for offline usage.

To enable the debug menu just enter the command in your terminal then relaunch App Store you will get debug menu in the menubar.

defaults write ShowDebugMenu -bool true && killall App\ Store

Note: Above command will not work in macOS Sierra.

Disable resource fork in macOS for network or external storage

If you are using macOS you & if you using a network drive your mac you will get lots of duplicate files which files are known as Resource Fork. I’m using secondary HDD as ExFAT format & there is lots of duplicate files & I don’t want to the duplicate files are be there. Because Sometimes I’ve to create zip file & send to client as attachment or if I moved to other OS then those files will be looking ugly 😉


I decided to remove the files or disable to make this file forever on my HDD. For a solution, Googled and found some solutions on StackOverflow site. The best solution you can see on this link.

Also, You can do simple command on your terminal:

defaults write DSDontWriteNetworkStores -bool true